A cascade of healing Qi

A cascade of healing Qi

Physical exhaustion has become an epidemic in a world fraught with chaos and uncertainty. 

Qigong master Faye Li Yip says gaining agency of our thoughts and emotions through the mindful movements of Qigong can change that…

… as our minds and hearts tend to dictate what’s going on inside our bodies — including how energized, balanced, and capable we feel to face the many stressors of modern living.

Master Faye’s free online event, explores how the eight mindful movements of Ba Duan Jin Qigong can help us release the negative emotional and mental energy that has accumulated within us by freeing blocked Qi, our life-force energy. 

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One of Master Faye’s talents is guiding others into deeper experiences of their own bodies and the sensations that illuminate a sense of self

Her unique approach to Ba Duan Jin harnesses the sensations of the body through movements that are generated by presence and our own internal energy to initiate a cascade of healing — and awaken our deeper selves. 

During Master Faye’s event, you’ll:

  • Be guided through a cascade of healing movements using Ba Duan Jin movement 4: “Gazing Backwards to Prevent Strain and Injuries”
  • Learn circular movements to release blocked Qi on the fingers and wrists, and promote energy flow to the far end of the meridians 
  • Transfer the movements of your fingers and wrists into the arms and shoulders to unblock the Qi in the arms and shoulders — stimulating the energy pathways in the arms and improving the flexibility of the shoulders
  • Deepen the arm and shoulder rotation to open the chest and sternum, releasing and removing negative energy in the heart — and generating new vibrant energy into the sternum
  • Expand this chest and sternum movement into the neck area to unblock energy around the neck and shoulders — clearing headaches and brain fog by promoting good energy into the neck
  • Discover how to consolidate these techniques into one coherent, simultaneous, and flowing movement — and internalize them with breathing as the key connection between body and mind — to cleanse all of the internal organs and their meridian, heal the internal retains, and dissolve emotional stress

Her approach will undoubtedly reveal there is still more to be experienced and considerably more benefits to be had, no matter what practices of Qigong you have studied.

If you’d like to gain greater agency of your thoughts, emotions, health, and wellbeing through the mindful movements of Ba Duan Qigong Qigong, register for your free downloadable recording here:




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