What do you see in the night sky?

What do you see in the night sky?

When you look up into the night sky you see brilliance of the sparkling stars not only because there are so many of them, but because you are expecting them. You could just as easily focus on the blackness of the space around surrounding the earth--or the coldness of that outer space=or the hostile atmosphere for the human body. But you don't.  

Most people when looking to the sky are dazzled by the light show and the possibilities. That is our association because that is what we have learned. Funny that we should look for the beauty in the heavens outside our earth and be taught to look at death, destruction, war and hunger, poverty and other suffering here on our home world.


There is beauty here

Our earth holds so much beauty. There are wonders to amaze even the most traveled among us. There is goodness to melt the heart and wet the eyes. There is great accomplishment seen through remarkable technology. There is harmonious and industrious architecture both ancient and modern. Then there are awe-inspiring natural wonders of this earth. So much life fills our planet...creatures you may never imagine exist and so many still undiscovered.

With all the wonders and miracles we are gifted through our world, why focus on the terrors?


Awareness without obsession

This does not mean we should not have an awareness of all aspects of our world, but why do we feel the need to focus so much of our energy on those things that evoke fear in us? Why must we center our lives around the horrors and let so much beauty go unseen and undiscovered? Is that the world we want? Anyone you speak to will say they want world peace and harmony, yet we keep our focus and attention on war and strife.

Even the most practical and analytical ones of us are beginning to see the truth of the spiritual law of attraction. Vision boards and dream charts are no longer only for us hippies. We are beginning to understand that what we focus on in our lives is what we create in our lives. 

So why not take back our power and create the world we truly wish to live in?


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