Day 42

Day 42

Puppy people are happier!

Not only are people with dogs more active but having a dog can lead to lower levels of stress, a decrease in the risk of asthma in children and have been linked to lower blood pressure.

I could fill the whole year with inspiring, heroic and uplifting stories about dogs. I chose one at random from some letters send to reader’s digest…

Preparing for the voyage

My wife and I were blessed to have a wonderful, playful boxer named Texas. My wife had raised him since he was only six weeks old. He never left her side and faithfully slept at the foot of the bed with her pink bathrobe each night. When my wife was diagnosed with ALS and had to be moved out of our bedroom and into a hospital bed, Tex still slept right by her feet for six whole months even though he barely fit. My wife was eventually moved to hospice and when I brought Tex to visit her he hopped right up onto the bed and put his paws on her hand. That night Tex was restless and chose to sleep on the floor. When I woke up the next morning I discovered that Tex had passed away after covering himself with my wife’s pink bathrobe. My wife passed away the next day from the ravages of ALS. At the memorial service people told me that Texas knew my wife would shortly be taking a voyage of no return; and that he loved her so much that he went ahead to prepare her for the voyage and be her faithful companion and give her comfort like he always did. —Jim Sherrard.
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