Day 144

Day 144


Kyoto Bamboo Forest

I found a description of the Bamboo grove that was so beautiful. That’s all this light seed needs….

“I open my eyes and look up at the sky, admiring the thick green bamboo stalks that seem to continue endlessly up towards the heavens. The light is absolutely beautiful with the sun barely peeking through the bright green bamboo leaves and the stalks swinging in the wind. The wind is making the trunks creak eerily as they collide and twist. I feel like I have entered another world, like a place taken out of the fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland. It feels like a magic forest!”

The beauty of this place touches everyone but some come just to hear the song of the bamboos. The Ministry of Environment even put the Sagano Bamboo Forest on its list of “100 Soundscapes of Japan”.

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