Day 141

Day 141


Has Alien Life been found in the Earth's Stratosphere?

High up in above the Earth, 16 miles into the stratosphere, a balloon that was collecting samples found a tiny metallic sphere, oozing a gooey substance. Dr Milton Wainwright scientist of The University of Sheffield and the University of Buckingham believes that that the strange material coming from the titanium ball is biological and could in fact be a colony of tiny microorganisms.

“The ball, which is about the width of a human hair, could be an example of directed panspermia - where life was deliberately sent to Earth by some unknown extraterrestrial civilisation.

'The sphere made an impact crater on the sampling stub. This proves beyond doubt that the particle was travelling at speed from space when it was sampled.'

Dr Wainwright and his colleagues have published their findings in the Journal of Cosmology but their conclusions have yet to be corroborated by other scientists.”



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