Day 139

Day 139


Too big to hug

At 14m this 2;000 year old Montezuma cypress in the village of El Tule is said to be the widest tree in the world. Its gnarled bark and knots sparks the imagination of visitors who have seen faces, and animals like lions, jaguars, elephants, and other creatures in the tree.


“Once thought to be so large that it could only have resulted from a merger between multiple trees, modern DNA analysis has confirmed that the Tule is, in fact, a single individual.”



Photo: Ovedc, CC BY-SA 4.0\_%C3%81rbol\_del\_Tule\_by\_ovedc\_27.jpg


Photo: Nanahuatl, CC BY-SA 4.0\_%C3%81rbol\_del\_Tule-trunk.jpg\

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