Day 102

Day 102


Sometimes it is the people you least expect who are the heroes of our world.

I grew up being taught to fear bikers. They seemed tough and menacing and maybe that’s because I believed they were. I would not have expected a gang of bikers to be saviours and protectors of children of abuse. But that’s exactly what the Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) do. It’s their sole mission.

"FA" was just 10 years old when her stepfather starting abusing her. By the time she was 15 and preparing to testify against him, she was suicidal, afraid, and unable to sleep.

Dressed in leather, the rough looking group stood guard at her house 24 hours a day until she felt safe. The experience changed the course of her life.



These bikers have sworn to protect and empower abused children. They are real life superheroes!

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