The Promise

We have created a sacred and loving space here for all who choose to join this journey. To honour all who are part of this journey, we ask for your Sacred Promise regarding the following elements of engagement for our class:
1. Be respectful and kind in all communications with all who are part of the Journey, including and especially yourself.
3. Go at your own pace and honour both the productive times and the restful times. Both are important to the journey.
2. All Journey elements, lessons, pdfs, recordings, videos (or any other offerings) are created for those who have chosen to take this journey and we ask that they be kept private and not shared with others.
Our Promise to you:
We promise to share our deepest and most valuable wisdom with you.
We promise to respond to any questions or comments in a timely manner.
We promise to be honest, loving and respectful in all our communications.
We promise to hold all that is shared with us in sacred trust.
We promise to be accepting of all who join us on this journey and of the way in which that journey unfolds for you.
We may amend this CODE as needed or inspired to do so.