Sacred Spirit Circles

The Circle

The circle is a line that joins together at it’s beginning and its end.  It is a flat perspective of a sphere.  The Universe is filled with circles – our earth being one. The Universe itself may be a sphere.  The Circle is the most simple and primal of shapes, yet it is a mystery.  It holds within it an enigmatic energy and is surrounded and supported by an unseen force.  The circle is one; a symbol of interconnectedness and unity.

The circle is an ancient art form dating back millennia. Humans have been creating circles since they have been on the earth. We are beginning to remember the restorative power of the circle and returning to this ancient practice.

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Sacred Spirit Circle

The Sacred Circle is our natural state of presence within this earth world.  We arrive here with a circle of companions, journeying with us throughout our lifetime.  Our circle shifts and evolves as we do.  Some of our sacred companions may be with us for only part of our journey, popping in and out as they are needed, but we are always in the presence of our spiritual entourage.  Remembering that can ease the loneliness of the journey through the physical state of being.

A part of us always remembers the loving energy of spiritual interconnectedness.  That small taste of heavenly vibrations tantalizes us and we yearn for more.  We search for it here in the physical world.  But until we can expand our consciousness and move outside of the thought patterns of our earthbound personality, we limit ourselves to the pain and conflict of our dual nature.  Our Sacred Spirit Circle is here to help us to remember.  This is an optimum time to awaken, because as the veils between our worlds thin, it is easier to feel the subtle energies of our spirit circle.

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