I was preparing a plate of fruit for myself and a thought came into my mind about buying a new special bowl – something that was aligned with my new energy pattern after my latest shift which was sparked by a strand of spider silk and a metallic thread of natural gold (for more on that see the Spider Death Pose light log. I was imagining something with a mystical pattern and soft colours.

We do have a couple of “sets” of dishes but I like to use my own special one. A dish that I chose and is “mine” alone. My favourite thing to use is a bowl. I use bowls for everything if I can. Earthy, natural, handmade, clay bowls are my favourite. There is an energetic advantage to doing this and I have noticed that I enjoy my food more this way. It certainly makes clean up easy if you are only using one bowl for everything. It’s a really simple matter to just clean it, dry it and put it away. When I use plates from my set, I tend to leave my plate on the counter and take a fresh one when I need another one. It shouldn’t really make a difference. It’s just as easy to clean up a plate from a set as it is my own special plate. Maybe that’s the reason – because it’s my own special plate. I chose it. I love it.

I am not new to the power of thought so I guided my next one to that of enjoying my fruit lest I cause my plate to break. So I did. My apples were extra sweet this morning and I really did enjoy them. I munched on them while I was listening to one of my favourite soulpreneurs on a facebook live. She happened to be speaking about the power of belief and how our thoughts shape our lives. She hadn’t planned to speak of this, it was just something that flowed out.

After I finished, rather than take my plate back to the kitchen, I set it down on the easy chair so I could continue listening. There was an unexpected glitch and while I was waiting for the video to come back up, I picked up my plate to take it into the kitchen and it slipped and fell and broke in two. You see I wasn’t kidding about the power of thought. But like the Oracle tells Neo when he knocks over the vase – AFTER she told him not to worry about it, “ … would you still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything?”

So did my thought to replace my plate come because somehow I knew it was going to break? Or did the plate break because I had that thought? I’m not even going to delve into the possibility that it was a coincidence because you and I both know that it was not.

Which one do you think it was?