I often find spider stragglers in the house. They are welcome here. I appreciate their role in our indoor ecosystem. They keep to themselves for the most part and they offer their energetic medicine when they are needed. Spider is a dear and sacred animal spirit guide for me and when one of my family members is going through a shift, spider shows up and circles her room weaving an invisible matrix of protection.

Recently one night spider showed up while I was showering. Normally spiders find a spot far away from the falling water and hide out but this one was heading right into the water. I emptied out the shell I keep my soap in and offered it to her as a safe haven, trying not to get her wet as I did so. She accepted and I put her at a safe distance from the splash zone.

She did something that fascinated me. She retreated into the deepest corner of her shell sanctuary and curled up into a sort of ball. I had not seen spider do this before – yet something about it seemed familiar. I had expected her to be gone the next morning but she was in the same exact pose and I knew that she had died. My immediate reaction was that I might have inadvertently drowned her while I was trying to rescue her. But with some perspective and whispers from this spider’s spirit, I understood that I had not caused her death. It was just her time. And she knew that she was dying. Perhaps that’s why she did the exact opposite of what spiders normally do and marched right towards the water. She didn’t need me to save her after all.

I remember now where I’d seen spiders in that position. I’d found spider skeletons before and they were always in that balled up posture. Do spiders know when they are going to die? They must if they take a position before it happens. Do they purposefully pose for death? These are the questions that came into my thoughts. I have been fascinated by spiders, since I was a child. They continue to amaze me.

I remembered spider’s death pose this morning after an encounter with some spider silk. There was a long strand of spider silk hanging down from the ceiling in my living room, near the centre of the room. It was quite noticeable. I could have easily taken it down but yet something kept me from doing so. It wasn’t laziness. There are many times that laziness wins over dusting and sweeping but this was not one of those times. It’s hard to describe but some part of me felt that it belonged there, hanging and swaying as we walked by. At least for the time being.

This morning when I went into the bathroom to wash, there was a long strand of spider silk hanging down from the ceiling, centred between myself and the mirror. Immediately as if the Universe whispered in my ear, I knew what to do. I was to gather the silk strands – this one and the one downstairs in the living room – and they were to be part of a personal Star Song. More whispers from Spider.

This may sound like a strange thing to do. Though I sense that if you are reading this post then you are likely a crystal person, a light guide or a deeply sensitive soul so where others might find this odd, I trust you will understand. You may even be nodding your head and thinking that this makes perfect sense. Because you understand the magic in this.

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to catch spider silk … any movement, even that of you reaching for it, sends it billowing. It is very delicate and elusive and when it moves – it’s magical. Think feathers in slow motion. Grace personified.

I was patient and waited for it to flow back and all it took was for me to touch it with the popsicle stick I was holding and it stuck. I put it in a small shell – I realize how apropos this is now as I tell the story since my visiting spider went into his death pose in a shell. What struck me is that this long wispy strand balled up in a clump … very much like spider did when she died. The movement was so similar it amazed me.

There is another connection to hanging spider silk that took me on a whole other spiral to SPIRALS themselves. But that story is for another time.

So now when you find a spider long gone and dried by time, you may notice his pose and remember the reason she gave in her spirit whispers.