Did you know that you are a being of light disguised as a mere mortal?

This is a very special time in our Universe. It may not seem like it but we have not been this close to unity consciousness since near the beginning of it all – since a time that is unrecorded in our history. We are naturally beginning to understand the truth of who we are. We are awakening. We have been – gradually – for a long time but the Universe has begun to step things up a notch (or 2). This is the energy of our time.

There is really nothing you need to do but ride the wave of this energy. And if you do nothing, you will awaken naturally over time. There are some of us though who are being stirred awake in advance. It may be to blaze an energetic trail so to speak – to set this new pattern – that will be rippling outwards to the rest of the collective. This is part of the nature of our physical world – a small initial group of us begin to co-create a new vibrational pattern and slowly it ripples out until it reaches critical mass and then explodes. Soon that new energy becomes a natural part of who we are, most never realizing that it began with one individual brave enough to live their truth. Many will forget that it had been any other way.

With this phenomenal energy rippling through our world, we are able to do what some would call “magic” with greater ease than was possible even a few short years ago. You are likely hearing more and more often about miraculous things happening in our world and this is the reason. It’s the energy of this age of enlightenment.

Some of you have already begun to experience your magic though you may not understand it or be able to explain what’s been happening. (I’ll tell you more about that in an upcoming post.)




It is the increased intensity and frequency of synchronicity … it is the enhanced intuition … it is the deepening of the inner voice … it is the awareness of consciousness in all things … it is the sensing of beings of different forms (angels, fairies, etc. … it is the prophetic visions … it is the physical sensations of energy in your body … and it is an awakening of your superpowers.

We tend to think of the “miraculous” things when we speak of magic, but it is also the countless things that seem like a coincidence or that we may not notice. Like when some insight or inspiration pops into our thoughts seemingly from nowhere; or when life sends us on what we think is a detour and we end up in the exact perfect place where we meet our soul mate or new best friend or it leads to our dream job; or when you wake up in the morning desiring something and someone shows up at your door later with that exact thing as a gift for you.

For me it began with me noticing the “coincidences” and led to hearing the song of the stones and then to co-creating profoundly transformational ethereal elixirs with the angels (and it continues to expand). Yours may be very different. Magic shows up in different ways for different people but it is there in everyone.

In order to live a purposefully magical existence, first you must understand that you are naturally magical. There’s nothing you need to do or receive or buy or learn. You don’t need to be initiated or attuned – you’ve already got it. It is only your lack of awareness of this truth that keeps you from your magic. We are all divine beings of light – so of course we are ALL able to do what has been perceived as miraculous – especially right now as the magic in the uNiverse has intensified. So while any of us beings of light disguised as “mere mortals” have always been able perform REAL miracles … it is easier for us to do so now than at any other time in our known history.


You have treasure at your fingertips!


Think about it this way … imagine searching for sunken treasure in a vast sea without a map. Once in a while someone will happen upon a chest of riches – but face it – it’s a needle in a haystack kind of situation. Sometimes, however, a strong current will move through the waters and carry a cache of gems close to shore in one magnificently powerful grand movement. You would still have to reach in and pick out the precious trinkets. But that is quite a different thing than searching the immense oceans for them.

This is sort of what’s happening right now in the Universe … the energy of our time is like the strong current concentrating the treasure in one specific area. Except instead of jewels, there are energetic vibrations conducive to magic and miracles – which I happen to think is so much better than treasure. It’s easier now than at any other time to express your creative, magical side. But just like you had to reach in and pick out the treasure that was carried to you by the ocean’s waves, so too must you reach into your inner most being and pull out that magic.

Your inner magic is your natural state of being but somewhere along the way you have forgotten. Becoming aware of this is 90% of the quest. Truly. Awareness is so powerful. If you didn’t know the sea was spilling out valuable cargo, you could walk by it a million times and never notice it. Knowing it is there, you could just pluck it out. But you MUST know it is there.


THAT’S WHY MIA WAS CREATED … to show you how to find your magic and how to nurture it.


I’ve been through (I am still going through) the awakening process and I can offer guidance and wisdom that I promise you will want to have as phenomenal things start happening in your life. You’re going to want to have comfort and support when fear creeps in and you become overwhelmed by the power of your light. But the best part about being on this journey is to have someone to witness and celebrate your magic with you. Because believe me – when you experience the magic of your superpowers – you’re going to want to have someone to share that with. You’re going to want to express your joy and wonder.


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