Those of you who are are part of my crystal community will know that I have in the past dedicated a section of my newsletter to honour and celebrate the special women who come into our lives. Woman gives her heart and soul in all that she does. When we acknowledge one of our sisters, we honour all women. When we see her, we see a part of ourselves reflected within her. I’ve recently been inspired to a new way to give a shout out to my sacred sisters. The inspiration came through my wanting to share a very moving story that one of my crystal clients shared with me that was connected to a song (message) I listened to for her. Here it is in Nathalie’s own words:

Hello Smadar,

It feels important to share this story with you …

On Friday July 6th, I went out on an evening walk with Lyoness (her adopted pigeon). I came upon an injured wild (feral) pigeon, left wing hanging, unable to fly. It was easy to pick her up. She was bone skinny. I still had a 20 minute walk to get back home, but I managed to hold her the whole way and brought her back home with us. To leave her there unable to fly meant certain death from any number of predators.

After many hours of exchange and guidance from facebook friends and rescuers all over, I was able to give her basic care and emergency first aid help. She was badly dehydrated and starving. I found many wounds and injuries, on her left wing and body. She also had feather lice, wich I treated. She is a young feral, still doing the squeaking sound, and we think she is a female. I have named her Corail (in french). In english it means Coral. With a donation from a kind and generous facebook friend, I was able to bring her to my avian vet for an exam and some antibiotics. My vet says she will never fly again, with fractures to her wing that are severe, in his experience. But time will tell.

Today, on Tuesday July 17th, she has gained some strenght, and I still force-feed her some defrosted peas morning and night, and she eats some seeds also. She has more wildness now, and I can see she needs to be with her own kind, with other feral pigeons. I will keep her as long as she needs to gain weight and get much better, but there is no forever place here for her; I am already in a relationship with Lyoness for 7 wonderful years now, and even though I Love Corail, three is a croud and there would be no place here for her; she would be so lonely and feel abandonned. The more strenght she is gaining, the more her wildness is coming through, as she is a feral, not a domestic fancy type, like Lyoness. I have been unable to receive help from the wildlife centers out there, especially because she will mostly be unreleasable.

I am living through this one day at a time; Corail is welcome here, and can take all the time she needs to get better and stronger … and then, I truly hope to find her a good home, maybe with other ferals who cannot fly …

My question is (yes, this is why I am sharing this story with you) : Is this the message from King (a beloved adopted pigeon who passed)?

Caring for this injured pigeon has brought much stress and discomfort to Lyoness and to myself; its time consuming, and slow going. And Lyoness has been unwell since this new ones arrival. But I couldnt leave that poor injured pigeon out there to die; I risked much to bring her back here … Now, I need her to get healthy and strong, and to find a good forever home for her. And if this IS the message from King, I just dont understand …

Thank you for reading and listening. I am so tired …

Much Love XOXOXO

As I was responding to my crystal sister’s message I was guided to share her story with my community and to listen for a message from Corail and/or King (Nathalie’s adopted Pigeon who passed). It’s an opportunity to gift my crystal friend with a song and also share it here so you can get a rare glimpse of what a personal Song is. Those of you who know me, know that I listen to song of the stones but you may not know that I also hear the whispers from other magical beings, or animal guides included. Sometimes I receive messages and wisdom from magical guides through dreams. It may be from crystals, animals or whatever magical creature wants to be heard. Just after I replied to Nathalie’s message, I fell into a deep mystical sleep and began to dream. I was given a “remedy” for Corail that I sensed would likely benefit Nathalie and Lyoness as well. I have received “remedies” through dreamtime before and they have always worked wonders. I hope that this dreamtime remedy will offer some support.


When the moment came, I listened to Corail’s song. This is the message that came through:

Nathalie with King


Dearest Nathalie,

I know who you are. You may not have wings to fly but you are one of us. Your love of our kind is so powerful that we recognize you through it.

You took me into your home to care for me and you are healing me not by food and water but with your love and compassion.

I was sent into your life with a special gift. The Universe knows that you get great joy through loving, supporting and healing others. We all see your big heart. But this is not the present of my presence. I come to show you how to love yourself – how to nurture yourself – how to care for yourself.

For some, the hardest thing they can do is take care of themselves. They will sacrifice everything including their own well being for the sake of another. You are such a soul.

I came into your life not so that you could heal me but so that you could heal yourself. No matter how it may look or what judgements others make. Though others might surprise you with their support.

“It is our turn to sacrifice for you”
(That part is from King and Corail)

So in taking care of me, learn how to take care of YOU. The same love and compassion and care you are giving me, you must give to yourself. That is why I am here. That is what we want for you. (we is Coral, King and the Universe).

This is Nathalie with Lyoness, who she adopted. Both she and Lyoness have had some challenges with their heath in nursing Corail. I am including my sacred sister’s contact information in case anyone wants to get in touch and send a donation to help nurse Corail back to wellness. You may contact Nathalie through her facebook page.

I will be updating this light log entry as the story unfolds.SaveSave