Those of you who long to have creative talent be warned that with the gift of creativity there must come a darkness to balance the light.

The greater the creative nature, the greater the darkness. some of us are bound to live out our existence teetering between the light and the dark never stepping on middle ground for longer than it takes to shop for groceries.

So next time you see a magnificent painting or read an epic novel or taste an epicurean sweet and you secretly wish you had such talent remember the warning. You do have the potential to reach such greatness yourself. The light of Divine creation burns as strongly in one as it does the other. However you must be willing to trade the mundane moments of common blissful ignorance for a chaotic trip being flung from rapturous agony to devastating deathly silence over and over again.

To create from your soul (and you must in order to achieve such greatness) you must cross back and forth from heaven to hell. Your eyes must open. Your mind must fathom that which is beyond understanding and your body must withstand the shift between matter and spirit.

This is no small promise. It makes a pact with the devil seem incidental. Yet there is no chance given to think it over, because it is a choice that must be made freely and thought obliterates freedom.