It is a powerful time in the world. Tensions are high and fears rampant. It feels as if the world is divided, yet the truth is, the world, as insane as it seems, is doing what it always does … reflecting the heart of the conscious collective. But something really interesting is happening now. The truth is rising to the surface like it never has before. This is an age of information and transparency. The Universe is no longer allowing us to hide.

There may be extreme voices of the ignorant that hold prejudice and malice BUT there are also strong voices of wisdom that are ringing out in support of tolerance, acceptance, charity, justice, choice and freedom. With the intensity of the negative sounds we are forgetting that that noise gives rise to a counterbalance. The hatred is inspiring acts of love. The violence is igniting protests of peace. Intolerance is galvanizing gestures of protection among family and friends.

“This is the best of times. It is the worst of times.” That quote is one that lives in the hearts of all whether they have read “A Tale of Two Cities” or not. This is not the only time in history we have been divided, opposed and at war. This is one time in many. It is a cycle. It is the way of the Universe. The difference now is that in this very powerful age of instant information we are able to see the effects of our choices in a way that has never before been possible. We don’t have to page through historic patterns to see and understand the consequences of our words and deeds. We are seeing the effects in our own lifetime.

Whatever the intention of the voices that are standing out in this turbulent time, there is no denying that they are no longer being duplicitous. Our world may be polarized but the truth is no longer being suppressed. In dark times comes the brightest lights. The greatest voices of our history rose up in the most violent and hateful times of our history. That is the nature of our world. “I have a dream” would not have been uttered if not for the dire circumstances that inspired it. And those words have inspired millions since.

So yes … the Universe may be reflecting the most hateful and intolerant parts of ourselves but it is also inspiring us to show the most loving and beautiful parts of ourselves.

We must remember that we are only being shown what is inside of us. All we need to do is “be the change we wish to see in the world”. All we need to do is place our focus on the best parts of ourselves. We must feed that within us which we want to see grow and thrive. If we want our world to have respect, unity and equality for all, it must begin at the most basic level – it must begin with the individual. This is said not to put blame on the individual for the state of the collective, but to allow you to understand how much power you have to make a true and real difference in the world.

THAT is the energy of the Universe in this moment … the “truth is out there” now. We are standing in the light in all our darkness. We can’t hide from this light. It is like an x-ray. It is exposing us on the inside. It scares a lot of us who have been afraid to be seen – understandably. Especially we light guides who have been existing peacefully in a time where, though we would not be persecuted for our inner beliefs, still chose to hide because we wanted to feel “normal”.

It is quite an age we exist in. It is unquestionable that there are formidable voices that are not accepting of those of us who are awake. But there are also more spirited voices willing to stand with us and support us than ever before. They’ve always been there. They’ve just remained silent. This is not a time to remain silent. This is a time to voice your goodness and charity and tolerance and respect and acceptance and faith and trust and belief and light and knowing and truth. It is time to show yourself – to reveal the truth of who you are – nothing hidden. Naked from the inside out.

We are beginning to recreate Eden and this is how it starts.