What would you do if you were given $1,100 a month with no strings?

One of the daily seeds of light struck me so powerfully that I wanted to explore it more deeply.  I think that’s one of the purposes for creating this space to focus attention at the many good things in the world.  Sometimes one of these things calls out for more of our attention and this was one of those things.  First take a couple of minutes to view this short clip that explains it very beautifully.

Now that you know what I’m speaking of here, let’s continue.  No doubt this topic will evoke many different reactions.  Money is a hot topic.

I may just be stating the obvious but clearly our capitalistic paradigm is not working.  Whether we’ve lost our focus on the original purpose of that system or it’s just the inevitable outcome, I’m not sure – though my “money” is on the latter.  Capitalism in my view is a very large pyramid scheme.  There’s a very few at the top making most of the “capital” and then it trickles down from there, becoming more scant as it flows downward until there’s barely anything at all.  Like all pyramid schemes eventually those on the bottom are going to wake up and stop supporting those on the top and I think that’s exactly what is happening now.  We’re waking up.

But waking up is not enough.  Seeing that a system is no longer working is not enough.  Complaining about that system will not help us in any way.  We need to focus our energy on finding something that does work.  That’s what Rutger Bregman is doing by bringing forth the idea of Basic Income, and he does so brilliantly.  Bravo.

But what can we do … we can support the idea by educating others about it.  It might not seem like much, but truly that’s how the world changes … we begin by talking about it.


(originally published on www.aworldoflight.com)