We’re going to talk about menopause as a natural, transitional phase of life rather than as a medical condition that needs to be treated. We are looking at it from a holistic and spiritual perspective. This comes to you woman to woman – wisdom the way we used to receive it – intuitive and guided.

Menopause scares some women more than childbirth. There are so many stories about the horrors of menopause – maybe even more than the stories women share about childbirth horrors. First … just as I tell women NOT TO LISTEN to childbirth stories when they are pregnant, I’ll advise you not to listen to menopause stories while “pausing”. Those telling the story often over dramatize them and those listening to the story often get disproportionately fearful. Just wait and see what happens with you – without expectation or trepidation. Some women don’t feel any discomfort and you can just as easily be one of those women. If you must listen to stories – listen to those ones. Why waste your time and effort worrying about something that might not ever happen to you. Fear can in and of itself cause you to have symptoms or exacerbate your own symptoms.

There are things that you can do to ease into “the change” – the transformation from mother to elder – from woman to wonder woman:


What you put into your body can dramatically affect the way you feel in general – but during times of transition it is even more vital that you give your body what it needs. Honour your spirit’s desires which may manifest as food cravings because that might be your higher self guiding you to what your body needs during the changes. However, it is important to be mindful that withdrawal symptom from sugar and caffeine addictions can manifest as desperate yearnings for specific foods and may be misinterpreted as such cravings. Foods that are as close to their natural state as possible are the easiest on your body. Simply adding a green salad to your diet – at every meal – or at least once a day – can make a huge difference.


Move every day – walk/hula hoop/dance/punch (boxing)/jump – moving your body on the outside, moves oxygen on the inside and THAT can help a lot. (Tai Chi/Qigong/Yoga are excellent slow moving exercises that would be wonderful in addition to aerobic exercises – but if you are able to do aerobic exercise – do it. You’ll not only feel well but moving oxygen through your body is like drinking water to cleanse your digestive organs.


Reconnecting with Spirit puts you in touch with your inner wisdom, your source and relaxes you, keeping you out of fear and peaceful. Letting go of stress frees your body up to do what it needs to do without resistance. Even a few minutes a day connecting with your breath can help you to align body with spirit and put you in touch with your higher guidance.


When the heat comes – don’t panic – that will intensify the heat. The heat has purpose – it is energy – it is creative energy – it is the result of that great amount of energy and power that is building in your body as you transform. Try to limit your exposure to tech – I have noticed that increases the intensity of the “heat”.


Make sure you allow yourself the opportunity to express yourself creatively – that is vital – colour, paint, draw, cook, bake, write, give parties, put together new outfits, make jewelry, try something new in your business, karaoke, musical theatre … there are many ways to be creative – however you wish to express yourself – do it. If you don’t release that creative energy, it will react like a child having a tantrum.


Memories of childhood may drift into your thoughts during this transformation. That is a natural part of any type of shift. When you are aware of that, you can explore what those memories are trying to tell you. IE, they might be calling you to explore a part of yourself that you have left behind in your childhood, like playing games, or artistic creation; you may need a certain food in your diet that you didn’t have since that time in your memory, etc.


There are many wise women among us – women whose wisdom has been passed from generation to generation. These are the women who know what teas to drink to balance hormones and which oils will soothe and rejuvenate the skin, etc. Seek out these wise ones. You will find them if you wish to. They are only hidden to those who are not seeking them. All you need is a heartfelt desire to find them and they will find their way into your life. Such is the way of the universe. Once you begin looking for something you see it everywhere. You realize it’s been there all along.


Trust in the process and in the wisdom of the body – and keep your focus on what is, rather than what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future.

(THIS IS A LIVING BLOG POST – it will continue to change and evolve as more information comes to light.)

PLEASE NOTE THAT I am not suggesting or recommending anyone go off of any medications without consulting their health care practitioner. I do suggest asking questions of your medical practitioner. IE. If you are already on meds, ask: if you can go off the meds safely and how to do so. If you are not yet on meds you can ask: If I don’t take the meds can it affect my health adversely; if so, do I have time to try some natural things before I go on the meds; what are the side effects of the meds (sometimes the side effects are worse than the affliction – to the point that some can cause death). Your doctor will likely not tell you these things unless you ask – they just don’t have the time within our current system.