A World of Light was created as a gift for my family and friends, to offer a space that would allow us to focus on the LIGHTer side of life.  I wanted us to have an ad free, conflict free, light filled space to begin our day with.  I wanted to create a sanctuary for us to visit when we felt overwhelmed by news that causes us stress and  anxiety.  My intent was to keep the content original, spontaneous and from the heart.  There’s enough things in the world to terrify us and darken our spirits.  I wanted to bring balance into our lives by adding more light to it.


I knew it was a huge commitment and truthfully if I had taken any time to really think about what I was about to do, I would have bailed.

In 2016, I promised to spend time each and every day of the entire year focussing on the light in our world and to share a little of it on the website I made for you. Well I did it.  Every day I found something wonderful about our world and shared it with you. Do you know what I discovered. There is so much that is good about our world. So much brilliance and innovation and compassion and beauty and goodness. It’s very easy to forget that and that’s why I did what I did.

You know what else I discovered in my search for light seeds to plant on the A World of Light …. that the gift I was giving to you turned out to be one of the greatest gifts I gave myself. When you focus your energy on the light instead of the darkness … that is the energy that you nurture in your life.

It’s easy for us to focus on the negative. It’s our nature. No matter what miracles come into our life, we quickly forget and revert to our natural negativity. Look at the story of the Exodus … the jewish people received undeniable miracles … miracles after miracles. How do you witness the parting of the sea and then have doubt. But they did doubt – after all that they doubted and they built an idol.

That is our nature. That is why we must purposefully and intentionally focus on the light and not the darkness. We must choose to see the good. Like the shark that will die if he stops swimming, we will stop seeing the goodness in our world if we don’t look for it. Look for it. It is there.

If you ever lose focus … stop by and visit A World of Light. There are 366 seeds of light there to remind you. I have left it up and will continue to do so as long as I possibly can.

I have learned much over the past year as I seeded light in my own heart and perhaps a little bit in yours. I’ve always been a positive person but taking the time each day to look at the light in the world showed me that the world holds much more light, is grander, greater and more wondrous than I’d even imagined. Sure there is darkness as well but I have chosen to focus my attention and energy on the light and that has made a difference in my perspective and my experience of it.

I end this year … this last seed of light … with a pledge to myself to continue to devote some time each day to focussing on bringing light into my world. I have chosen to do that by expressing my voice through art. The world has been whispering to me to do this for some time and this year of devotion to seeding light has shown me that I have the time and the ability. I invite you to find something that brings light and joy into your life and to focus some of your energy and attention on it each day. That seed of light will grow exponentially with each day that you devote to cultivating it.

I will keep A World of Light website up for as long as it is possible – should you find yourself despairing over the darker side of our world and wish to revisit some of the light that I have witnessed and encapsulated in this space.


(part of this light log was originally published on www.aworldoflight.com)