There comes a time in woman’s life when her body changes. It’s a very powerful time and is one that should be as celebrated as when she first became a woman capable of creating a child. We are taught to fear and feel powerless during this time, but the truth is it is one of the most powerful phases of your life.

Woman is a creative being. Always. This does not change when she no longer produces eggs. She brings life into the world in other ways. This is a long forgotten secret, hidden by the fears and insecurities of the masculine energy – which has tried to maintain power over her. Woman is creative … period. (with or without the period actually).

Woman holds a lot of power in her body in a very literal sense. Those who are familiar with energy work, shamanism, qigong and other healing arts, know the truth of that. There are things that a woman is capable of that would be thought of as magic. Even with our advanced scientific understanding, we have not even come close to realizing our full potential. Our open global communication culminating in the world wide web has made knowledge and information available that (not too long ago) was previously inaccessible. We are becoming aware of things that were once far beyond our reach. As this knowledge returns to our world, it sparks a remembering in women. She is beginning to know herself again.

9fba141398fbba19e93147fd51689d82Those hot flashes you experience are not what you believe them to be. They are not a “problem” that needs fixing. They are not out of control hormones. They are a natural part of the shift you are moving through. They are the unleashed power that you hold within. They are bursts of energy that alight in your body. It is only fear that makes them uncomfortable and unmanageable (and even toxic).

In western society we are taught to suppress, fear and despise the very natural processes of our body. Doing so causes us harm. Do you really believe that the power that created the magnificent human body with all its intricacies and intelligence, would not have purpose for the period we call menopause. It is a time where the body is restructuring. It is also a time where we have access to a power that was not previously available to us.

Our womanly cycles are not merely a physical process. They are deeply sacred rhythms intricately connected to all our bodies – physical emotional and spiritual. That connection extends beyond just the single individual. All women are connected to each other and to the earth and celestial bodies. Women have seen how their cycles sync together when they are closely connected. They have felt the lunar influence. That much can’t be kept secret because it is so clear and undeniable. The why has been suppressed. It has been buried and forgotten. That ancient knowledge is coming back into the world now. It was seeded in the heart of woman beginning with the first. One woman remembering sparks a recollection in another and hers ignites others. Such is the way of wisdom and truth. It can’t be hidden forever, it eventually finds its way into the awareness of the seeker.

We hate change and we fear it. We want to feel and look the way we did in our egg bearing days. So we resist the change that is happening to us and that resistance creates suffering and discomfort. We try to control what is happening with synthetic hormones. That may or may not make you feel “more normal”. But perhaps there is a new normal. And perhaps that “new normal” comes with a gift that you would never have imagined. You will not see that gift through the barrier of chemical control. You will have suppressed it. (And that is likely what those who seek to control the power of women want.)

If you want to remember your gift and tap into this new source of energy (and power), open up to the possibility that what is happening within your body is actually a good thing. Let go of your resistance and embrace the changes your body is experiencing. That will go a long way in and of itself to decreasing the discomfort that comes with “the change”.


There are things that you can do to ease into “the change” – the transformation from mother to elder – from woman to wonder woman. Watch for that in a future light log.

PLEASE NOTE THAT I am not suggesting or recommending anyone go off of any medications without consulting their health care practitioner. I do suggest asking questions of your medical practitioner. IE. If you are already on meds, ask: if you can go off the meds safely and how to do so. If you are not yet on meds you can ask: If I don’t take the meds can it affect my health adversely; if so, do I have time to try some natural things before I go on the meds; what are the side effects of the meds (sometimes the side effects are worse than the affliction – to the point that some can cause death). Your doctor will likely not tell you these things unless you ask – they just don’t have the time within our current system.