Dragon is an mystical being that is often misunderstood. Like any legend, there are quite a few misconceptions about her. The very nature of her existence is questioned. Is she a myth or was there once such a majestic creature commanding our skies?

We’re going to share with you what we know of Dragon. She may no longer be present in her physical form, but we happen to believe that Dragon is quite real. As real as any guide or being of another realm. This is information that came to us directly from Dragon herself, through deep communion and through many spirit journeys together. She has been a magnificent presence here at Symbaya and for me personally.

Dragon is an ancient being. She lives for hundreds of years and can teach us much about longevity. In connecting with her energy, you can access long forgotten secrets of youthfulness and vitality. Ask her. She will show you. She is a wise and patient guide.

Dragon is a guardian energy. She is a protector She will guard and keep safe her charges to her last breath. She is powerful that’s true but her true power comes from her peaceful nature. There is no better ally to learn how to tap into that fire within. She will show you how to become aware of and how to handle that tremendous power within. Dragon can show you how to attain a state of balance and harmony between your body’s power centres.


We all know that Dragon has FIRE INSIDE of her. She is mountainous and powerful – yes. But did you know that Dragon has a gentle side? Tenderness is not a term we normally associate with Dragon but it is a very large part of her energy. She does not use her fire to harm – only to protect. Any myths about her to the contrary come from fear of her power and her indestructible armour.

Many are intimidated by Dragon’s might. She has a great strength that commands respect and engenders fear. The ironic thing is, when one feels intimidated, Dragon is the very best guide to call upon. She can reveal a secret to you about this great power she holds. She can show you how to tap into your own source of power … she’ll show you how you how to free the FIRE WITHIN.

That fire we speak of can be the symbol for your power, but it can also signify a very real physical thing. Dragon can show you that you can affect and influence the temperature of your body. It is possible. This will be especially welcoming to women going through the pause. (I’ll be writing a blog about that specifically and I’ll place the link here when it’s ready). I have noticed this aspect of dragon energy in a very practical way. I like to get outside and take a walk every day and I’ve been dreading the arrival of winter. I knew I wouldn’t be able to drag myself out in freezing weather. Through my connection to Dragon energy I found that I could tap into a source of inner warmth that not only makes a winter walk tolerable – but even enjoyable. Her appearance in my life was very timely … in more ways than one.

Dragon came to guide me at a time were I was beginning to express myself and my truth in a more open and much bolder way than ever before. Without fully realizing it, I had been holding so much of myself back. Standing in the energy of Dragon’s majestic vibrations, I found myself feeling freed, unrestrained and unafraid of speaking my truth – even knowing that my words will send some running in the other direction.

Through my experiences in connecting with mystical guides, I have come to understand at a very deep level that I was not tapping into an energy outside myself … I was reconnecting with a forgotten part of myself that matched the frequency of my guide’s (Dragon in this case) vibrations.

Dragon didn’t come forth to “give me” a power that I didn’t have before. Dragon came to remind me of a part of myself I’d buried and forgotten. In much the same way that she has been forgotten to the world. It’s not that any human alive doesn’t know who she is … it’s that they don’t believe that she’s real. It’s that doubt that creates the disconnect between us. When we remember Dragon, she becomes real again. It is the same with the FIRE INSIDE.


People think of dragon as a mythical creature but even as such she commands quite a presence in our muggle world. She lives in the heart of all who dwell in the mundane for all know of her existence. (There is no one who does not know who she is.) There are few with solid corporeal bodies who live in the “real” world who can make the same boast. Dragon’s energy is about living your truth even though the whole world may doubt you. It is about TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR. When you can do that – there is no other in the world who will doubt your existence. They may not like you. They may fear you. They may hide from you but they will not doubt you.

That is the secret about power that she has been holding for you. That you are just as powerful as she is – you’ve just forgotten. You’ve buried that part of yourself quite deep – maybe because you fear your own power as much or more than hers.)

If you wish to experience Dragon energy, one way to do so is through a stone guide. The crystalline ones will often open the portals to other realms and allow us to journey into those magical places with them. They allow us to connect to ancient beings and different dimensions that we might not otherwise remember how to reach ourselves. Any type of crystal can carry the Dragon energy. They are usually quite recognizable. Meaning you will look at it and easily see, sense and feel the energy of this grand beast of the aethers. Even those who are just beginning to sense the subtle vibrations of crystals will likely recognize a Dragon Crystal.

She shared a message with us which we published in the Song of Stones Newsletter in November of 2016:
 Dragon’s great power lies not in her strength but in her gentle nature. She says …

“it is easy to strike out at another in the heat of a battle … the true power is in holding back your fire.”

Dragon has much to teach. Invite her into your life you might be quite surprised by your experience with this powerful living myth.