December 19, 2015

It is a very powerful time for woman.  Whether we can put words to it or not – whether we have an eloquent explanation of what is happening or not – we’re feeling it.  We’re feeling a shift – an opening – an expansion of feminine energy.  Our senses are deepening.  Our dreams are changing.  Our intuitive hits are sharpening.  We’re experiencing more synchronicity, more deja vu, more inspiration, more creativity … more feminine energy.   Even if you haven’t consciously noticed, there’s been something you’re sensing that you haven’t been able to put your finger on.  Reading this may give you some insight into what it is you’ve been feeling.

This expansion of feminine energy is creating openings where beautifully creative energy is flowing through.  Those of us who are open and receptive to this flow are feeling great moments of inspiration.  However those of us who are not sure what is happening are feeling great uncertainty and anxiety and even physical symptoms.

“The Earth is moving into a cycle similar to menopause.”

The more fear and resistance we put out – the stronger our reaction will be.  These energies are quite powerful and can be very overwhelming.  That overwhelm causes us to see the energies as being negative.  They are not, but it is easy to come to that opinion.

As we move deeper into the energy of the expanding feminine energy, many of us are experiencing a heightening of our senses and the emergence of long hidden gifts.  We have come together to offer a sacred space for this transition into …  “light guide”.    That’s what our crystalline guides have called us … Light Guides.  They say that our gifts are rising to the surface at this time because they are being called for … it’s as if they are being pulled by some universal force – like 2 magnets attracting each other.  It’s a natural evolutionary process that has been stimulated by an encoded sequence that has now been activated.

They say:

“You are amongst the first …
The light of your souls will be guides for those that follow …
You are light guides.”

If you recognize yourself as Light Guide and would like to journey with us through this magical metamorphosis, we invite you to join us on one of our Journeys.