Dreams take us to a world so different than our waking one. That world is not bound by the same rules and laws that govern our “real” world. There we can do and be things that we wouldn’t “dream” we could do when we’re awake. It’s a vast territory that is unique to each dreamer. It’s a place we visit every night. We spend half our lives there, yet it is rarely spoken of. Understanding our dream world can help us to navigate the “real” world of our waking state. We can begin to understand this other world a little better by exploring it … by sharing our dreams and listening to the dreams others have.

The Universe speaks to us through our dreams. It wants us to understand the messages it’s sending so it speaks to us in a language we’ll understand. Your dream language is unique to you. Your dream images may mean something different to you than it would to another dreaming the same images. That’s why it’s so important to learn to interpret your dreams yourself. The interpretations of others may be quite helpful and offer much insight but it will be surface stuff. There’s so much more to discover and you’re the only one who can figure it out. It does take time. It’s like learning anything new. The more energy you give to it, the quicker you’ll learn and the better you’ll understand what you’ve learned. Be patient with yourself and trust that you will get there.

What begins to happen when you share your dreams is quite something. First you will notice that you’ll start remembering more dreams and more detail in your dreams. As you spend time exploring this inner world, you will become more familiar with it. You may begin to notice certain patterns repeating and certain emotions and feelings coming up over and over. That’s an indication that you’re getting to know your unique dream language. While you can borrow from symbolism and archetypes, your messages are custom created for you and there is a purpose in that. You’ll see this more clearly when you begin to delve more deeply into your dreams. As you explore your dreams, you are exploring the parts of yourself that you’ve hidden so deep, you forgot were there. You will see that getting to know this mysterious part of you will make you feel more whole and will positively affect your daily waking existence.

Exploring your dreams is like mapping a world rich with history, wealth and wisdom. There are many treasures scattered across your dreamscape. They are all yours for the taking. You are the only one with the key. Will you let your treasures go unclaimed.


SEE THE SCENE: When you’re getting to know your dreams, observe the scene. Is it night or day. What are the colours in your dream. Where are you in the landscape. Are there others in your dream.